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 08/25/16 - The city of Chinook would like to report that after a recent shut down of the water system to replace a fire hydrant, the water is now safe for people to drink.

Any time a water system is shut down for any reason, a sample must be sent to DEQ for testing and the results of those samples were returned this morning and the water is safe for human consumption.

The city of Chinook would like to thank the residents for their patience in this process.

Submitted by the Blaine County Journal


August 22, 2016 - 4:15pm - THE WATER IS BACK ON.  Run your tub faucet to clear any air and discoloration from your lines.  Thank you for you patience and understanding through this project.

The water will be turned off for the complete City of Chinook distribution area on Monday, 8/22/16 from 1:00 to 4:00 to replace a fire hydrant and install a new valve. When water is restored, you may experience air and discoloration in your water. Run water until cold and clear, using the bathtub is quicker and drains faster. Do not consume until further notice. Please listen to the radio, check our Facebook page or our website for updates on the lifting of the health advisory. If problems persist, please call 357-3160.