Water and Sewer Rates and Information


Minimum Monthly Water Charges

Meter Size Base Rate
3/4" $39.90
1" $71.42
1.5" $159.60
2" $284.89
3" $638.40
4" $1,139.94

For a 3/4" meter, 2000 gallons are included in the base rate.  Water usage over 2000 gallons is $2.84 per 1000 gallons.  Please call City Hall for gallons included in the base rate for the larger meters.  406-357-3160

Bulk Water is $.75 per 100 gallons.

Helpful tips for conserving water.

Water Leak Fact Sheet

Water Conservation Tips


Minimum Sewer Monthly Charges

The minimum sewer charge is $48.74 for less than 2000 gallons.

Sewer charges are base on water usage during the four winter months (November, December, January and February). 

Sewer usage over 2000 gallons is charged out at $.60 per 100 gallons.